Hormone Balance back in stock in July (date TBC) - We are currently out of office. All parcels will be shipped out on Wednesday 26th June. Hormone Balance back in stock in July (date TBC) - We are currently out of office. All parcels will be shipped out on Wednesday 26th June.

Double Cleansing Bundle

£ 67.99 GBP £ 59.00 GBP

This bundle is for those who struggle to figure out and maintain a good cleansing routine, AM and PM.

It consists of a full double cleansing system required in a skincare routine recommended by Amina. This includes:

- Step 1 (PM only): Bare Face™ Meltaway Aloe & Mango Butter Balm Cleanser with vitamins A, D, E and F

- Step 2 (AM & PM): Amina Acid™ Gentle Antioxidant Gel Cleanser with CoQ10 + Green Tea

+ FREE 1x Balmboo™ 2 in 1 cleansing cloth

Suitable for all skin types, tones including sensitive skin.
Suitable for teenage skin and in pregnancy/breastfeeding.

* For more information on what these products do, how to use them and ingredients, please refer to the individual products *

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
The only stuff that has helped my acne & rosacea!!

Hi Amina :) first of all, huge fan of your brand and work! I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to write my review but I’ve been using your stuff for over a year now and I swear it’s the only stuff that works! I’ve had acne and rosacea for the best part of my adult life and had been to docs, dermatologists all of which couldn’t seem to get to the bottom of it. I was recommended your brand by a friend of mine and she spoke very highly of yourself and your skincare. One year on, my acne is 95% better and no more irritation or soreness! The remaining 5% is down to scarring but these are fading by the week and I reckon a little longer using your skincare and I’ll have that so called “glass skin” 😌 hands down best skincare line I have ever used and my skin was baddd 😩 no wonder you’re always sold out!!

Best way to start any routine ♥️

Finally found the right, affordable skin care range my skin has been craving all this time. I suffer with horrible hormonal acne that at its worst is a pain to even look at. I’ve tried countless medications and creams but my acne only got worse. I was introduced to The Pharmacist skin care by a very close friend of mine (you know who you are!) and in just 4 months my skin has completely transformed!! 😩 so grateful for this brand and urge everyone to try your stuff out!

Irum M
Wish I had found your skin care sooner!!

How is it that I only found out about your brand this year!

Since beginning of lockdown in 2020 I sunk into a deep depression from the lack of social activity and this also had a huge toll on my skin. Acne, eczema and so many blackheads all from an imbalance of hormones I presume.

I tried what I could with the limited resources at the disposal of the NHS but NOTHING worked. Prescription creams, antibiotics, referral to a dermatologist and also high end skin care. That was until January of this year I found out about your brand. In just over 4 weeks, my skin has drastically improved to the point where I can't see any redness on my face anymore. Still have minimal texture but given time I feel this will subside whilst using your skin care. My mum, aunties and sisters are so impressed with my transformation (both skin and mental well-being) that they are talking about it to other peoples daughters hehe :)

Thank you so so so much - first of all Amina - and also for creating real affordable and quality skin care that is designed to help with people suffering from skin issues. I will rave about this foreverrr!

So important in a skin care routine 🙌🏼

It’s my personal view that double cleansing in a skin care routine is so vital to give your face a good clean before applying the rest of your products. I’m actually in love with these two cleansers and have experienced nothing but good from them. Bare Face melts beautifully and really does scrub away at all the grime left from the day and also smells sooo good! Amina Acid (love the name btw!) is a nice round off and really lathers easily and doesn’t cause any skin dryness. The little cloth you get with each bundle is cute too as it’s always nice to get a fresh one each time round. All in all a very affordable and brilliant value for money double cleansing system that you just wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere for this price! I’ve tried a lot of cleansers and nothing else just quite compares 🥰👌🏼

Love all the products! :D

I started using the pharmacist beauty products last year in January and haven’t looked anywhere else since for skincare. Initially I felt they were a bit expensive for me but given the quality and impact, I feel it is so worth to have that small investment for my skin. I think this double cleansing set is the best cleansing set ever. I suffer all the horrible pcos symptoms including acne, this has helped me significantly. I do still get a spot here and there, but I know that is partially due to my diet as when I am eating clean and using these products, my skin is at its best.