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Our Story

Hi Warriors,

I’m Amina – the founder of The Pharmacist Beauty.

I am a fully qualified pharmacist in the U.K. and I created my brand along with my husband who is also a pharmacist. Ever since I struggled with adult acne in my mid-late 20’s, I have been determined to achieve the goal of clear and content skin. I truly believe and I am living proof that you can heal your body without the use of any medication.




As a teenager, I never suffered from any skin related issues, let alone acne. When I got married to my college sweetheart at 22, I wasn’t your usual bride when it came to skincare preps. All I used was a moisturiser and had no pre-facials done, and my skin was still clear. Whenever I went into a cosmetic shop to get my foundation matched, I would forever be complimented on how great my skin was.

Shortly after, I became a pharmacist after five long years of training - I was over the moon! I started to work very long hours along with dreadful commutes. The role was highly pressurising, sleep deprivation was catching up on me and my diet suffered. I lived on junk food as I had no time for myself. All this was a recipe for disaster and hormone imbalances and I developed adult acne.

Every morning I would wake up to a new breakout and these were very inflamed and painful. I decided I didn’t want to take any medication. I tried so many products from different brands and spent a lot of money on facials and still had no luck! I was distraught! I developed anxiety and my mental health deteriorated. I lost all my confidence.

Alongside this, my hormone imbalances were a major contributor to my fertility struggles, irregular periods and ovulation issues. I developed excess facial hair that I never had before, along my chin and even hair loss and alopecia. I also gained excess weight unknowingly and had two failed infertility treatments. Even though the doctors said my blood tests came back as normal, I was still suffering with PCOS-like symptoms.

This frustration drove me to create The Pharmacist Beauty skincare and supplements. So I quit my full time job, used my pharmaceutical knowledge and my own real life experiences to develop high quality active ingredients based products.

Today I am enjoying the best skin of my life - acne and pigmentation free. Even in my 20’s my skin wasn’t this good. Also, thankfully I was able to conceive naturally without the use of any medication as I learnt how to balance my hormones. I’m now feeling my very best and enjoying life with my sweet rainbow baby girl.

Amina x

"We've got this, my Warriors"



The Pharmacist Beauty is a modern pioneer of active ingredients based skincare and supplements with no harsh ingredients and 100% drug-free.

  • Vegan
  • Cruelty free
  • Halal
  • Made in the UK
  • Non-GMO
  • Our supplements are free from harsh chemicals, binders, emulsifiers, preservatives. No artificial colours or additives.
  • Our skincare is free from sulphates, parabens, drying alcohols, silicones, artificial fragrances and dyes.