Skin Clearing Supplement - 3 Month Bundle

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3 months supply (3 bottles) of our Skin Clearing supplement.

Invest in your skin drug-free from only £1.30 per day.

  • Clarifies skin to give a blemish-free even complexion in at least 12 weeks. For best results, must be taken consistently*
  • Once daily vegan capsule – simple! No messing around with many different pills.

*The time it takes to see results may vary from person to person and also depends on the severity of your skin. For some, the healing may take longer or shorter – but that’s ok as patience and consistency is key! It is important to allow time for the active ingredients to work as the body requires a minimum of 3 months to adapt to change. Long term maintenance is absolutely vital as your skin will continuously reap the benefits of this supplement.

Please note: If you have hormonal skin issues, it is recommended that you take both our Skin Clearing & Hormone Balance supplements together. These have been designed specifically to work in synergy together.

Customer Reviews

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The best self care & self love investment of all time!!

After having 2 polyps removed, been diagnosed with PCOS, daily pimples on my cheeks, chin, sometimes on my back and the back of my thighs, daily mood swings, tiredness even though I had slept well, cramps, vajayjay dryness, bloating, hyperpigmentation, dark eye bags ..... I just had enough. Oh and my GP's first Idea was: drum roll ..... THE PILL. Mind blowing - I declined and got my hands on the HB and Skin supplements.

I've been taking them for 6 weeks now and I can't believe the change in my moods: carefree and chilled. Yes, small pimples pop up but disappear the next day as if nothing was ever there. My old marks disappeared, dark eye bags are gone, my face is less oily and my skin has a natural glow :) Not even one pimple on my body since I started taken them!! No more sweet cravings - I can't even imagine how it'll be after 3 months. I guess you can say I feel like a whole new woman!

We are trying for a baby in the next 2 years and I am confident it'll happen for us. Ladies if you are tired of drinking gallons of pricey spearmint tea, tired of eating bowls of blueberries on the regular basis, tired of emotional outbreaks and your husband is helpless - bless him! Please take a leap of faith one last time and invest in these supplements. Give it some time for you body to get used to them. Believe me when I say, you will not be disappointed. God is my witness xxx

No more hormonal breakouts!

I have tried everything for my hormonal acne! My last resort was Accutane but I thought let me try The Pharmacist Beauty's Hormone & Skin supplements first.

All I’m going to say is... I wish Amina had launched these years ago 😱 I am literally obsessed!! 😍

Before my period, I would have full blown acne and then they would heal and leave scars and marks behind and the cycle would continue. Since taking these supplements, no more hormonal breakouts! I am so grateful to Amina for everything she does, from her IG reels and TikTok's to her products.

Lots of love,
Monica x

Sorted my postpartum skin out 6 weeks in...

I had severe acne around my chin and neck. It just wouldn't go away. And the scars after popping them were eugghh. I purchased these as the balance hormone supplements were oos, and by week 7 I didn't have any recurring spots. The scarring did remain after 12 weeks, and I went for a peel to reduce the appearance, but this was the starting point to clearer skin. After this, I was motivated to keep going and maintain this. I haven't repurchased these yet as they keep getting sold out but can honestly say they made a difference. It has been 9 months since I last used them and have managed to maintain decent skin. Need to sort my postpartum hair out now! So ill be getting that.

The best supplements in the world

I have been using Amina’s supplements from day they were launched and I can say they are the best thing I have ever taken. They have made a vast improvement to my hormonal balance and I can say my acne just didn’t go away until I started taking these along with skin supplements. I can say my skin is glowing now.

A big difference!

Now on month 6 of taking these supplements and there’s a big difference in my skin. I’ve had quite bad acne and scarring since 2020, most probably due to constant mask wearing. I stopped wearing them but my acne didn’t subside. I stumbled across Amina on TikTok and decided to try her supplements out. I purchased both the Skin and Hormone Balance supplements and have been pleasantly surprised with the results. I don’t have issues with periods but I did narrow my acne down to hormones. Safe to say my skin is now a lot clearer with minor scarring still visible. Hoping with more perseverance these will also fade away. Great stuff and highly recommend to anyone with skin issues. Have spread the word to everyone I know!! ☺️❤️