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Hair Growth Supplement - 3 Month Bundle

£ 135.00 GBP £ 120.00 GBP


3 months supply (3 bottles) of our Hair Growth supplement.

Invest in your hair growth drug-free from only £1.30 per day.

  • Contains 25 highly expert hair strengthening active ingredients that target the root cause of hair thinning and shedding, giving you thicker and fuller hair.
  • For faster results, use together with our Thick & Full hair & scalp treatment oil serum (our recommended Hair Growth kit). This will tackle hair growth from all directions – within the gut and externally at your scalp.
  • Once daily vegan capsule – simple! No messing around with many different pills.
  • Suitable for both women and men.

The time it takes to see results may vary from person to person but patience and consistency is key. It is important to allow time for the active ingredients to work as the body requires a minimum of 3 months to re-balance. Long term maintenance is absolutely vital to continuously reap the benefits of this supplement.

Please note: If you have postpartum hair loss, it is recommended that you take both our Hair Growth & Hormone Balance supplements together. These have been designed specifically to work in synergy together.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Hair growth

I was so disheartened when I started to see bald patches on my scalp. I came across these supplements and they have changed my life! You need to take at least 3 months to see them working. I’m on my 5th bottle now and I don’t have any more bald patches, there is hair growing on them!! Thick black hairs growing on areas where there once wasn’t hair. If you are experiencing any sort of hair loss or alopecia you NEED to try these!!! They’re amazing! Amina is changing lives with her business! Thank you so much Amina :) I will be constantly buying these!

Amazing results

Simply amazing results from an amazing indie brand.

I’ve been taking both your Hormone Balance and Hair Growth supplements since January 2023. First tried your brand for your skin care and still love them too. Almost 10 months of consistent supplementing and my health has improved a lot! No more excruciating PMS like cramping or delayed periods - they are always on time now. My hair is much much thicker now too. I used to have a few balding spots from certain medications I had been taking but stopped them and the hair is catching up 🥰

Would love to see this brand stocked up in major retailers like H Beauty and Selfridges one day! You thoroughly deserve it and can’t wait for my next purchase 👍🏻

Finally something that works!

I’ve really struggled with thin, dry hair and honestly you could see straight through my scalp. I’ve wait almost 10 months to write an honest review and give these the time to work and I can’t believe how much volume my hair has now! I lost a lot of hair after having 3 kids back to back. I looked and felt 20 years older and having a balding scalp sure didn’t help. I’ve been using your hair serum too alongside the hair growth supplement and I’m super happy with the results. Still have a long way to go but I’ve never tried anything that has actually worked before. I tried another oil from another Instagram brand but honestly did nothing for me. Excited for tomorrows restock and can’t wait to try the rest of your beauty line.

Iqra Naz
Back with another update

So I wanted to provide a further update after now having taken 5 months of Amina’s Hair Growth supplements. Alhamdulilah my hair is the longest it’s ever been in years and also my greying has reversed!! I started getting grey hairs in my early 20s, possibly stress related but I recently discovered that I am deficient in b12 and a lack of b12 can cause premature greying. And it’s profound that since I started taking Amina’s Hair Growth supplements (which also has b12 in it) my greying has reversed! I’ve found many grey hairs which now have black roots and are growing out black again! Also my hair is thicker and fuller I’m soooooo happy with Amina’s supplements and I’ve already placed my order for another 3 months of ALL her supplements; for Skin, Hormone Balance and Hair ◡̈

Mrs T
New hair growth on bald patch!

What can I say? You guys have made me so so happy. I found a bald patch on my head about two months ago and then was gifted your hair serum and capsules by my sister as she knew of my situation. I'd rather just show you the results from using the serum and capsules for just a month and a half, genuine review I am lost for words. When I found out I have a patch I cried so much, it was so smooth not even a tiny hair in it. Since I got given the capsules and serum, I have used it every day without fail. Can't say thank you enough!!